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The STEM Factory After School

The STEM Factory© After School Tutoring Programs & Camps is a hands-on interactive tutoring program; where abstract (book) teachings are turned into concrete (touchable) experiences which allows each student to learn through hands-on experiences. Tutoring sessions are Monday - Friday.

We also offer Saturday STEM where students participate in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math experiences and experiments and walk away each Saturday with a new Discovery in the world of STEM! Although our focus is on STEM subjects reading and reading Comprehension is the foundation of our program; without it Academic goals would not be attainable.

To ensure sure that each student achieves at their highest academic potential; communication between STEM Coaches, Parents and each students Teacher is vital. STEM Coaches keep up dated on each studentís academic progress with weekly communications to each studentís teacher.

Studentís in our program are welcome to participate in STEM field trips once a month where Nature trails are explored, knowledge is obtained while visiting museums, farms, planetariums and observatories and anywhere else STEM takes us!

Students are recognized every two months for their accomplishments and efforts.



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